Welcoming C++14

Since last CRAN release of Rcpp11, I've started to work on the next iteration of R/C++ support with Rcpp14 by propagating changes to both implementations, e.g. the Strict class that I mentionned in this post. But now, I'm starting to make unique changes to Rcpp14 for things that require C++14, which is the whole point. These should have no effect …keep reading

stricter arguments in Rcpp11/Rcpp14

The way some classes (e.g. NumericVector have been implemented in various R/C++ versions gives us automatic coercion. For example passing an integer vector to a C++ function that has a NumericVector as an argument will coerce the integer vector into a numeric vector automatically. // [[export]] double foo( NumericVector x){ return sum(x) ; } …keep reading

dplyr tour. 3 next dates

I'm back on the road for 3 dplyr talks. On thursday I'll be in Lyon for the RLyon meetup. Next week, I'll be back to Budapest as part of the BI Forum In december, I'll be in Milano for the MilanoR meeetup. See you there. 3 more dates on my #dplyr autumn tour. Lyon, Budapest, Milano. http://t.co/qemYRgcR8j pic.twitter.com/9KSlUmY6yv—…keep reading


Rcpp11 was released to CRAN, as the ultimate C++11 companion to R 3.1.2 on which it depends. The NEWS extract follows: # Rcpp11 3.1.2 * New `wrap` implementation for `std::tuple<Args...>` (#195) * `colnames` and `rownames` setters for matrices (#210). * Most sugar functions are now processing the expression in parallel. * Forbidde…keep reading

Pro Grammar and Devel Hoper

I've been teasing about this post for some time now. My next blog post is "Pro Grammar and Devel Hoper". And this not just an empty pun. Stay tuned.— Romain Fran├žois (@romain_francois) August 3, 2014 @stefanbache another teaser. https://t.co/i2ubfOyjIO iris >> filter( Sepal.Length > 7 ) iris |> filter( Sepa…keep reading

yocto benchmarking

Let's start with a picture of a bench, as we're going to do some benchmarking. One of my take home message from useR was that we are going to have to do things in parallel. JJ set the motion with the RcppParallel package. The inceptive example for RcppParallel was about calculating the sum from a numeric vector. The article shows some nice global…keep reading