Can Rcpp fuse ?

One of the features of Rcpp11 people seemed to like during useR is the fuse function. fuse is somewhat similar to the c function in R. For the purpose of this post, let's simplify what fuse does, and just say that it takes several compatible vectors and fuses them together into one. // some vectors NumericVector a = {1.0, 2.3}, b…keep reading

R function call overhead in Rcpp(11)

Some people have asked for some facts about the differences between Rcpp11 and Rcpp, here is just one nugget. If you've been following the Rcpp world for some time, you might have seen comments like: Calling an R function from C++ is expensive. The need The reason why it is expensive is that we have to deal with two concurrent systems for erro…keep reading

Rcpp11 conference marathon

This is going to be a busy start of summer for me and Rcpp11. I will start by a talk at the 3rd rencontres R in Montpellier on June 26th. Then, over to Bressanone in the italian alps for DSC2014 where I'll give another talk on the next day (June 27th). Then, accross the ocean for a 3 hours Rcpp11 tutorial at on June…keep reading

Keep calm and #include <Rcpp11>

Following up on this post, I have just commited some code that makes the using namespace Rcpp11 ; automatic, I was just tired of typing it. So now, you can just do : #include <Rcpp11> If however, for some weird reason (some people love littering their code with Rcpp::) you don't want the using namespace Rcpp11; to be automatically added, you…keep reading

sugar in parallel

I've been playing with parallelising Rcpp11 implementation of sugar. For example, we have a NumericVector variable x and we want to compute e.g. sqrt(exp(x)) + 2.0. With sugar, we can do: NumericVector y = sqrt(exp(x)) + 2.0 ; and this does not generate useless temporaries as what R would do. This pitch has sailed already. Here are some benchma…keep reading

useR!2014 Rcpp11 tutorial

We are getting close to useR!2014. I hope I'll see some of you at my tutorial about Rcpp11 in the morning. There are some other pretty useful tutorials as well, so no hard feeling if you don't come, but if you do want to know about modern R and C++, please join me. Personally I'm happy I'm doing a tutorial because it would have been hard to choose …keep reading