Pro Grammar and Devel Hoper

I've been teasing about this post for some time now. My next blog post is "Pro Grammar and Devel Hoper". And this not just an empty pun. Stay tuned.— Romain Fran├žois (@romain_francois) August 3, 2014 @stefanbache another teaser. iris >> filter( Sepal.Length > 7 ) iris |> filter( Sepa…keep reading

yocto benchmarking

Let's start with a picture of a bench, as we're going to do some benchmarking. One of my take home message from useR was that we are going to have to do things in parallel. JJ set the motion with the RcppParallel package. The inceptive example for RcppParallel was about calculating the sum from a numeric vector. The article shows some nice global…keep reading

a:class <- b

Usually in strongly typed languages, like C++, the type of a variable comes before the variable, e.g.: int x = 23 ; So x is declared of type int and assignd the value 23. Now, some languages do things differently, e.g. in julia: x::Int8 = 1000 or go : var i int = 1 ; So here is a curious thing we can do with R: `:<-` <- function(x…keep reading

A package about nothing

nothing is a package about nothing. The idea is that when you do require(nothing) you express that you don't need anything, and therefore nothing assumes you are fine just using the base package, so it detaches all other packages. > loadedNamespaces() [1] "base" "datasets" "devtools" "digest" "evaluate" "graphics" [7] "grDevices…keep reading

Rcpp11 3.1.1

R 3.1.1 was released a few days ago, and as part of the policy we are trying to follow for Rcpp11 releases, here is Rcpp11 3.1.1. Sorry for the 12 days delay, but I was away in California, and Rcpp11 travelled with me, so I could not properly test the package. I have now tested the package extensively on these combinations: OS X/clang at home. Ub…keep reading

Rcpp11 t-shirt sightseeing

While we wait for CRAN to process the release of Rcpp11 3.1.1, here are some news about the Rcpp11 t-shirt. With more than 40 attendees, the Rcpp11 tutorial was a success. I managed to distribute almost all t-shirts I printed for the occasions. I only have a few S sized men t-shirts left, but all women/S and men/M have found an owner. During the …keep reading